Chief ways to earn money online

There are many different ways to earn money online especially if you are living in New Zealand. But the chief among them is playing jackpot city casino games. These games are becoming very popular because if you are good at them, you can earn lots of money and very quickly too. But you should have patience and at least a certain understanding of the games you are playing.

Other home earning options

  1. If you can rent your one spare room of your house in New Zealand, it earns you minimum $100 to $300 in Auckland per week.  If you can shift somewhere and Airbnb your whole house or a room if a big event is on the way you will earn even more money.
  2. You can sell spare board game pieces online and earn around $12 per piece. Lots of people and stores have board games with missing pieces, and they are willing to pay to buy the missing pieces.
  3. Earn online by replying to the trivia. There are websites which pay you for your replies on their trivia, so whatever you are good at, if your favorite past time is watching movies, you pick up movie category and choose your favorite movie and get paid on your every correct reply.
  4. You can also use some search engine which pays you because you search on their website. Online searching is done by almost everyone sitting online, and people use search engines for searching, so why not use it to get paid. They pay almost one cent for each search.
  5. There are also platforms which also pays you if you use their website for shopping online. People living in English speaking countries are more privileged with such websites. So, living in New Zealand helps.
  6. There are also websites that pay for taking surveys. You get paid by surveying, reading emails, coupon redeeming, playing games.

These are a few ways described above following which you can earn a lot from home. There are lots of other ways to earn money without leaving your home; you have to find the right one which matches you.

What are employment grants?

Grants are for people who are disabled and cannot work fulltime because of their disabilities, they are given a fund by the state or government of the state so that they can carry out their life without depending on anyone are called employment grants.

In this process for the betterment of the citizens of the country, the government compensates for the loss of benefits so that its citizens live with dignity and basic rights. Through such a grant a disabled person can be assisted from unemployed status to employment status.

Though the employment grants were first designed for the disabled ones, it has been extended to other citizens too who needs some kind of support for employment.

Financial Assistance in New Zealand

New Zealand is a very beautiful place, and also you don’t see too much poverty in New Zealand. People carry out their life nicely in New Zealand enjoying mostly most part of their life. This is only because of also the genuine care Kiwis has for their fellow citizens and also that they are very committed to their social welfare. They try to help other people who are struggling to carry out basic needs of their life. The government and public welfare system provide the best care they can to support such people who need such help.

As an example, citizens who get old, can’t work anymore, can’t support them as they could when they were young and could work without trouble, in 1889 New Zealand was the first country in the world to provide pensions for their elderly citizens so that they can live happily.

Benefits the welfare system provides are as follows:

  • If someone is very sick to work anymore or if someone had a bad accident that he won’t be able to work anymore.
  • If someone loses their job, they get the benefit from this scheme.
  • It supports for their older citizens with old age pension including some other benefits like practical assistance and if the need arise financial help too.
  • It also provides Working for Families package of benefits.
  • It provides leaves to women who are going to be a mother or maternity leave with pay.
  • Also, it assists anyone who recently shifted to New Zealand and needs to find a home for them.

These are some of the benefits that a person who resided in New Zealand for at least two years or longer.

Now the government of New Zealand and their welfare system New Zealand has added a benefit scheme for foreigners who have come to New Zealand for employment. This scheme helps the people from far away countries who have stepped in New Zealand for the job and didn’t know how to carry out their life till they get their salary, and too they help them find accommodation for this kind of employees.

How to Get a Job in 24 Hours

Is it even possible to find a job in less than 48 hours? And what about your dream job? How can you get the job you want in 24 hours?

2017 has already shown a strong job market, so you’d better be prepared when looking for a new job. The most popular reason why people can’t find a job is that they don’t know enough. Doing your homework, researching the companies and the people you are going to have the interview with are a must.

Today, we’re going to share 7 proven tips to follow when finding a new job in less than 24 hours.

7 Tips to Follow

  • Forget about unemployment. Don’t focus your attention on unemployment. Don’t be tempted by it. Don’t rely on the government offers only. Your primary job, for now, is literally to get a job. So, be ready to go into the marketplace immediately.
  • Update your resume. Add all new skills and training you’ve received. Update your social media profiles like LinkedIn and Facebook too.
  • Proclaim that you’re open for a new job. Stay in touch with the people who may need your professional services. Even if they don’t need your professional services for now. Building a professional network is a crucial element of finding a job in the 21st century.
  • Listen to the interviewer. Pay attention to what the interviewer is asking exactly. Sometimes not really listening and not really saying the right thing can destroy the whole interview. You should look comfortable in your own skin.
  • Don’t be critical or negative about the last company you’ve worked for. Even if you think so. Just don’t bring it up in front of your potential employer. The last thing the company wants to hear from you is how negative you are about your previous place of work. And the question about the last job is one of the most frequent ones on the interviews. So, be prepared. It is better to tell your potential employer what useful things you can bring to the company and how you can make the difference for it. You can spell out exactly what you can offer at your new position.
  • Be authentic. It is okay to be over prepared for the interview. But never over-rehearse. The interviewer will catch up on that. A conversation should be smooth and genuine.
  • Be ready to take a job, which is a little beneath you. It is very important to stay connected to the workforce while looking for a job. You have to stay in this community, even if you’re going to take less pay than you deserve. In future, this will lead you to new opportunities.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to find a dream job.

7 Popular Jobs in New Zealand

Are you looking for a job in New Zealand? Do you need something with a stable income? What kind of option do you prefer – working full time or part-time? Do you have some ideas which company can you work for? How to open the career doors in New Zealand? How to find a job and settle down fast?

Finding a good job in New Zealand is not so hard. But what is the secret? You can find a lot of powerful information on the Internet, but you should always realize what kind of job this country needs most.

Our list of top 7 most popular jobs in New Zealand is going to help you a lot. So, let’s get started.

Getting Work in New Zealand: Top 7

About 90% of employers in New Zealand are small businesses, which usually employ less than 20 people. What’s interesting that the background experience is not always the first thing they are looking for. Employers want to get loyalty, enthusiasm, interest, and positive attitude from their potential employees. These factors influence the situation on the labor market.

  • Accounting. Finance market in New Zealand offers a globally competitive environment. Here you can show your best skills in practice and develop your career further. Come to New Zealand to become a successful cost accountant manager, international accountant, or senior financial analyst.
  • Healthcare and Medical. A healthcare sector is very developed in New Zealand. It has plenty of opportunities for experienced and skilled doctors and nurses. Hospitals invite surgeons, pediatricians, optometrists, physical therapists, and audiologists.
  • Marketing and Advertising. This market is considered to have a bright future in New Zealand. So, marketing managers, film and video editors, graphic designers, market research analysts, and writers can help to develop this sphere a lot.
  • Structural Engineering. It is a very specific occupatioonal field. That’s why skilled and experienced employees are always needed here. For example, earthquake engineering and wind engineering are highly in demand.
  • Hospitality and Tourism. A tourism business is drastically growing in New Zealand. Chefs, skydive instructors, tour guides, and kitchen assistants are always needed.
  • Software Engineering, Software engineer programming is becoming extremely popular not only in New Zealand but in the whole world. The most popular career possibilities include analysts, developers, testers, and managers.
  • Agriculture and Forestry. It is probably the most powerful industry in the country. It is a huge business, which provides good opportunities for those who truly want to work in this sector. Among the most demanded positions are farm managers, forestry scientists, and market gardeners.

And what would you choose from the job opportunities mentioned above?

10 Top Highest Paying Jobs in the World

Defining a major purpose in life is one of the most difficult issues existed on the planet. It is a starting purpose of personal greatness for everyone. How to choose the right career for me? There is no person in the world who has never raised this question.

The right career is a very general notion. This is a big challenge that everybody has. But many people agree that doing what you like describes it the best. Doing a job which you’re not ideally suited in is just wasting of time. To avoid this, consider a career path which will bring you joy and fulfillment. Don’t know where to start from? Then start looking for something suitable among the most paying and the most popular jobs in your country or city. Maybe you will find something interesting for yourself.


10 Highest Paying Jobs

It is difficult to compose a list of the highest paying jobs in the world as it may differ from country to country. But there are some tendencies and international occupations which are approximately paying the same through the whole world. Our list is based on the data gathered by specialists in different countries and cities and summarized by common criteria. The following jobs were ranked by average salaries.

So, let’s get started.

  • Anesthesiologist. You may be surprised, but anesthesiologist is the highest paying job in America. Why? Anesthesiologists provide a full range of medical services to patients. But the main goal is to make an individual anesthetic plan for each concrete patient.
  • Surgeon. It is one of the most respected, difficult, and paying jobs in the world. The average annual salary of a surgeon in the USA is approximately 258.000$.
  • Dentist. This is a well-known fact that a dentist is one of the highest paying jobs almost in every country.
  • Prosthodontist. This is a dental specialist who creates oral prostheses.
  • Architectural and engineering managers. These are the people who plan, direct, and organize architectural corporations.
  • Lawyer. The average annual salary can reach 146.000$ and higher.
  • Airline Pilot. It is very a romantic, but very demanding job. It consists of long hours of flights over far distances and mildly dangerous conditions of work.
  • Psychiatrist. Really professional psychiatrists are in demand on the labor market for now.
  • Air Traffic Controller. This profession is responsible for the safe and orderly organized flow of air traffic. It is literally the voice of the safe airspace. Air traffic controller is called as one of the most stressful jobs in the world. It is the purpose of air traffic controllers to safely navigate and separate different planes, following them to their final destinations. Average salary over 110.000$.
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager. Average annual salary – over 105.000$.