10 Top Highest Paying Jobs in the World

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Defining a major purpose in life is one of the most difficult issues existed on the planet. It is a starting purpose of personal greatness for everyone. How to choose the right career for me? There is no person in the world who has never raised this question.

The right career is a very general notion. This is a big challenge that everybody has. But many people agree that doing what you like describes it the best. Doing a job which you’re not ideally suited in is just wasting of time. To avoid this, consider a career path which will bring you joy and fulfillment. Don’t know where to start from? Then start looking for something suitable among the most paying and the most popular jobs in your country or city. Maybe you will find something interesting for yourself.


10 Highest Paying Jobs

It is difficult to compose a list of the highest paying jobs in the world as it may differ from country to country. But there are some tendencies and international occupations which are approximately paying the same through the whole world. Our list is based on the data gathered by specialists in different countries and cities and summarized by common criteria. The following jobs were ranked by average salaries.

So, let’s get started.

  • Anesthesiologist. You may be surprised, but anesthesiologist is the highest paying job in America. Why? Anesthesiologists provide a full range of medical services to patients. But the main goal is to make an individual anesthetic plan for each concrete patient.
  • Surgeon. It is one of the most respected, difficult, and paying jobs in the world. The average annual salary of a surgeon in the USA is approximately 258.000$.
  • Dentist. This is a well-known fact that a dentist is one of the highest paying jobs almost in every country.
  • Prosthodontist. This is a dental specialist who creates oral prostheses.
  • Architectural and engineering managers. These are the people who plan, direct, and organize architectural corporations.
  • Lawyer. The average annual salary can reach 146.000$ and higher.
  • Airline Pilot. It is very a romantic, but very demanding job. It consists of long hours of flights over far distances and mildly dangerous conditions of work.
  • Psychiatrist. Really professional psychiatrists are in demand on the labor market for now.
  • Air Traffic Controller. This profession is responsible for the safe and orderly organized flow of air traffic. It is literally the voice of the safe airspace. Air traffic controller is called as one of the most stressful jobs in the world. It is the purpose of air traffic controllers to safely navigate and separate different planes, following them to their final destinations. Average salary over 110.000$.
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager. Average annual salary – over 105.000$.



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