7 Popular Jobs in New Zealand

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Are you looking for a job in New Zealand? Do you need something with a stable income? What kind of option do you prefer – working full time or part-time? Do you have some ideas which company can you work for? How to open the career doors in New Zealand? How to find a job and settle down fast?

Finding a good job in New Zealand is not so hard. But what is the secret? You can find a lot of powerful information on the Internet, but you should always realize what kind of job this country needs most.

Our list of top 7 most popular jobs in New Zealand is going to help you a lot. So, let’s get started.

Getting Work in New Zealand: Top 7

About 90% of employers in New Zealand are small businesses, which usually employ less than 20 people. What’s interesting that the background experience is not always the first thing they are looking for. Employers want to get loyalty, enthusiasm, interest, and positive attitude from their potential employees. These factors influence the situation on the labor market.

  • Accounting. Finance market in New Zealand offers a globally competitive environment. Here you can show your best skills in practice and develop your career further. Come to New Zealand to become a successful cost accountant manager, international accountant, or senior financial analyst.
  • Healthcare and Medical. A healthcare sector is very developed in New Zealand. It has plenty of opportunities for experienced and skilled doctors and nurses. Hospitals invite surgeons, pediatricians, optometrists, physical therapists, and audiologists.
  • Marketing and Advertising. This market is considered to have a bright future in New Zealand. So, marketing managers, film and video editors, graphic designers, market research analysts, and writers can help to develop this sphere a lot.
  • Structural Engineering. It is a very specific occupatioonal field. That’s why skilled and experienced employees are always needed here. For example, earthquake engineering and wind engineering are highly in demand.
  • Hospitality and Tourism. A tourism business is drastically growing in New Zealand. Chefs, skydive instructors, tour guides, and kitchen assistants are always needed.
  • Software Engineering, Software engineer programming is becoming extremely popular not only in New Zealand but in the whole world. The most popular career possibilities include analysts, developers, testers, and managers.
  • Agriculture and Forestry. It is probably the most powerful industry in the country. It is a huge business, which provides good opportunities for those who truly want to work in this sector. Among the most demanded positions are farm managers, forestry scientists, and market gardeners.

And what would you choose from the job opportunities mentioned above?

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