What are employment grants?

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Grants are for people who are disabled and cannot work fulltime because of their disabilities, they are given a fund by the state or government of the state so that they can carry out their life without depending on anyone are called employment grants.

In this process for the betterment of the citizens of the country, the government compensates for the loss of benefits so that its citizens live with dignity and basic rights. Through such a grant a disabled person can be assisted from unemployed status to employment status.

Though the employment grants were first designed for the disabled ones, it has been extended to other citizens too who needs some kind of support for employment.

Financial Assistance in New Zealand

New Zealand is a very beautiful place, and also you don’t see too much poverty in New Zealand. People carry out their life nicely in New Zealand enjoying mostly most part of their life. This is only because of also the genuine care Kiwis has for their fellow citizens and also that they are very committed to their social welfare. They try to help other people who are struggling to carry out basic needs of their life. The government and public welfare system provide the best care they can to support such people who need such help.

As an example, citizens who get old, can’t work anymore, can’t support them as they could when they were young and could work without trouble, in 1889 New Zealand was the first country in the world to provide pensions for their elderly citizens so that they can live happily.

Benefits the welfare system provides are as follows:

  • If someone is very sick to work anymore or if someone had a bad accident that he won’t be able to work anymore.
  • If someone loses their job, they get the benefit from this scheme.
  • It supports for their older citizens with old age pension including some other benefits like practical assistance and if the need arise financial help too.
  • It also provides Working for Families package of benefits.
  • It provides leaves to women who are going to be a mother or maternity leave with pay.
  • Also, it assists anyone who recently shifted to New Zealand and needs to find a home for them.

These are some of the benefits that a person who resided in New Zealand for at least two years or longer.

Now the government of New Zealand and their welfare system New Zealand has added a benefit scheme for foreigners who have come to New Zealand for employment. This scheme helps the people from far away countries who have stepped in New Zealand for the job and didn’t know how to carry out their life till they get their salary, and too they help them find accommodation for this kind of employees.

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